Steroids and weight loss products can accelerate hair loss, says hair loss expert


In a study due to be released next month, the world’s leading hair transplant and hair loss expert Dr. Larry Shapiro will show that men and women have been losing their hair from using popular weight loss and work out products that contain whey protein isolate- and it’s not just their genes that are to blame.

Shapiro, who has spent 20 years treating over 11,000 men and women for hair thinning and loss, said, “My clinical practice shows a definite trend among people suffering from hair loss—they’re increasingly battling the effects of thyroid problems, anesthesia, cosmetic surgery, dietary deficiencies, prescription medications, male pattern baldness, use of growth hormone-based supplements during weight training, use of steroids for weight training, and use of weight-loss products and fat burners.  Years of clinical practice have shown that these factors play a far greater role than we thought before than just personal genetic characteristics alone and can accelerate hair loss in people who may not see this until later in life.”

Shapiro noted that natural or self-induced hormonal changes are common causes among both women and men experiencing hair loss.  “Estrogen levels drop during menopause and after pregnancy, and this can result in hair loss,” said Shapiro. Read full article…

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