How do I stop hair fall? Is there an effective hair loss treatment?

This is a question that often men and women formulate to their friends, and mainly to the dermatologist.

Everyone is looking for a hair loss treatment or alopecia that really works and the answer depends on the cause or causes that create hair loss.

Hair loss Treatment in Women

For example, some young women lose a lot of hair due to polycystic ovary known by the acronym of PCOD. This hair loss may be temporary and may also result in hair thinning; in these cases, after an analysis, the accurate solution provides the dermatologist.

hair loss treatment alopecia hair loss treatment in women

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Other causes require other solutions, a poor diet can cause hair loss so it is advisable to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, essential oils and proteins

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

A simple recipe to promote hair growth is applied to the scalp, a mixture of egg white with raw milk or olive oil and let stand about 25 minutes. Naturally then rinse with a mild shampoo and repeat the process about three times a week.

If in your area you can find a type of orange called Amla can be mixed with lemon juice and apply it at night until the next day, then rinse. This may be a good hair loss treatment. Amla is full of vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and is a great antioxidant that can help reduce hair loss.

It is also classic massage the scalp with coconut milk, rich in essential fats, minerals and proteins, the coconut milk oil strengthens hair root and softens hair.

But if the problem persists you might try a hair loss treatment proven and natural which stops hair loss in just two weeks. You can see my pictures before and after 4 years. Click HERE.


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