Stop Hair Loss With Different Natural Options

To stop hair loss alternatives available in the market ranging from heat of laser light, drugs prescribed by doctors to hair transplant surgery. But to stop hair loss there are also natural alternatives that offer results in the majority of cases. Today we will review some of these alternatives for hair loss.

Stop hair loss with essential vitamins and minerals.

If you intend to stop hair loss with vitamins, your intake should be balanced, lack of vitamins causes weak, dry hair, but excess can promote hair loss.

Vitamin A-rich foods:

Dark leafy vegetables


Milk and milk products

Dried apricots

Sweet potato



Other essential vitamins are:

Complex of B vitamins including

Vitamin B2 (best sources: eggs, fish, chicken, cheese, yogurt, milk, broccoli, asparagus, spinach)

Vitamin B3 (salmon and chicken)

Vitamin B6 (red meat, eggs, potatoes, beans)

Vitamin B12 (cheese, eggs, fish, red meat, milk, poultry)

Vitamin C (citrus fruits)

Vitamin E – to stop hair loss one of the best vitamins is vitamin E (nuts, peanuts, almonds, wheat germ)

Also are essential to stop hair loss the adequate intake of Pantothenic acid (avocado and yogurt) and biotin (egg yolk and liver)

Stop Hair Loss with herbs

Herbs and plants have been used since ancient times to stop hair loss and to make it look more soft and shiny and currently continue to be used. There is a great diversity of herbs, but the best known are the following:

Blocking herbs of DTH, leading cause of hair loss in men, among the best known root of white nettle, African pygeum and saw palmetto, this, also widely used to relieve prostate problems and not only to stop hair loss. This group to stop hair loss also includes green tea, efficient blocker of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase promoter produce DHT.

Other herbs powerfully stimulate blood circulation allowing to irrigate the hair follicles thereby allowing stop hair loss and stimulate its growth. One of the best known in this regard is Ginko bilova

Stop hair loss with massage

To maintain active follicles by increasing blood circulation to the scalp, massage are useful sometimes combined with essential oils.The hand massage should be a day for a few minutes.

Stop hair loss with garlic juice

A plant to stop hair loss, little-used but very effective is the juice of garlic, which is applied through gentle massage daily to the scalp. Garlic juice is applied at night and rinse in the morning. Also successfully applies the ginger and onion juice.

Stop hair loss with my homemade lotion

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