Stop Hair Loss With Rosemary

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

This aromatic herb from the Mediterranean was used by the Greeks to ward off evil spirits and American tribes to stop hair loss. The Egyptians placed it on their tombstones and in the Middle Ages was used to combat the bubonic plague.

In modern times the Rosemary is widely used in treatments to stop hair loss and to communicate shine and softness to the hair. This plant is rich in vitamin A, C, iron, and vitamins of the complex B.

Stop Hair Loss With Rosemary – options

Hair loss occurs due to various causes, one of them to the natural process of follicles which increasingly produce finer hair

Although not exactly known as rosemary acts to stop hair loss, its irritating feature strongly stimulates the blood supply to the scalp, and promotes hair growth. There are several options for using rosemary as a treatment to stop hair loss

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There are several options to use Rosemary as a treatment to stop hair loss.

Daily shampoo to stop hair loss

You can nurture your hair daily adding rosemary oil to your hair conditioner or best to shampoo that uses every day. For every ounce of shampoo, add 2 drops of Rosemary oil.

You can also use fresh or dried rosemary leaves to prepare a lotion for daily use. In a proper storage place quarter gallon of water and add two handfuls of fresh or dried rosemary leaves. Bring water to boil for 4 – 5 minutes and cool. Let stand about 5 hours, strain and put in dark bottle infusion and store in the refrigerator.

To prepare Rosemary shampoo mix quarter Cup of Rosemary infused with a cup of liquid Castile soap or with your regular shampoo and use as usual. Daily use of this shampoo stops hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Stop hair loss with hot oil of rosemary

Once or twice a week apply rosemary hot oil to your scalp. To prepare this oil, to 3 tablespoons jojoba oil add five drops of rosemary oil. Mix both oils and place in a glass jar with lid. In a tank of boiling water place the jar until moderately hot oil.  Apply with fingers hot oil on the scalp and make gentle massage. Also apply hot oil along the hair to the ends.

Cover hair with a plastic shower cap or any plastic and top cover with damp hot towel. When cool back cover with another hot wet towel about 20 – 30 minutes

If you want, you can keep oil overnight. Remove the plastic wrap and cover your hair with a dry towel. In the morning, rinse and wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Rosemary hot oil also helps stop hair loss.

Daily massage with rosemary oil

To stop hair loss and stimulate its growth is effective a daily massage with rosemary oil prepared in the following way: to an ounce of jojoba oil, add two drops of Rosemary essential oil. Mix both oil and rub on the scalp for a few minutes before showering

But if your hair loss is severe  and you want to stop hair loss use my homemade lotion based in rosemary, other plants and a mineral to stop hair loss dramatically in a few days. Evidence HERE

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