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Hair loss Treatment with Medication for Glaucoma

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Sometimes accidental discoveries are made and are long sought solutions to specific problems. The solution to a problem is often before our eyes and yet we spend without noticing them. This seems to be the case of a promising discovery to fight against the loss of hair and baldness.

Bimatoprost, a drug used to combat glaucoma, seems to have the ability to regenerate lost hair. In parallel to the application for glaucoma also has been marketed as a product for lengthening eyelashes

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye that gradually impairs vision. In general … Read the rest

Does Start a New Era To Solve Hair Loss?

Hair Loss

By Luis Quiroz Ravines

Hair loss affects thousands of men and women around the world, to some extent, but it is also common that children face this problem. Especially in women, is blasted and alter their pace of life. Science and great hair industry have made remarkable efforts to find a final solution or treatment really effective for all cases, but that reality is still a dream and a problem that hopefully be resolved as soon as possible, but it seems that there is a light on the road, new research leading to new hopes.

Hair loss  is also … Read the rest