Temporary Alopecia By Chemotherapy New Hope

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

When you walk down the street and sees a woman with the head fully covered is an unequivocal sign that the lady has lost her hair as a result of recurrent chemotherapy treatments to combat cancer.

This is a devastating situation for women and also for men and the psychological and social effect is tremendous.

But these dramatic pictures may end. There is the project called Rapunzel that prevents hair loss during chemotherapy using very cold caps.

The procedure for the application of dry ice was used in the USA by two friends, Nancy and Shirley, both survivors of cancer and both at some point bald as a result of chemotherapy. The caps with extremely cold dry ice procedure is used successfully in Europe for more than 15 years and it was invented by scientist Frank Fonda

Currently there are numerous Oncology  centers in the United States that provide these “dry ice caps” and which are manufactured by different companies

Dry ice caps serve for women but also for men and children. Cold caps rents and costs vary according to the time use. Usually the first 3 months of rental cost $550.00 then rent is reduced to $120.00 to complete treatment with chemotherapy. A guarantee of $600.00 requests when renting cold caps.

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temporary alopecia


The teacher Jennifer Waldo of  Corvallis city is submitted to this treatment and the results are encouraging. A first event of cancer, Jennifer lost all her hair due to chemotherapy, and today faces a breast cancer that must be combated with chemotherapy.

To avoid becoming bald again, her friend and stylist Donna Weidow proposed Rapunzel treatment that involves placing special covers on the entire head of ice very cold, actually frozen to 30 degrees less 0 and that it should use during and even after treatment with chemotherapy.

It seems that extreme cold on the hair follicles, blocks the entry of toxins produced by chemotherapy and that cause hair loss. The very cold covered must create a climate of hibernation throughout the scalp to prevent the roots of the hair to weaken and fall.

Covers or ice caps  super cold made them an American manufacturer and they are not cheap, but its use is becoming well-known and popular among those who fight against cancer.

So soon in the case of Jennifer Waldo, despite several sessions of chemotherapy still retains her hair, which indicates that the dry ice procedure works and opens a new hope to thousands of women convicted the baldness by  chemotherapy treatments.

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