The new secret to preventing a heart attack? Half a glass of pomegranate juice and three dates a day – but you really should eat the STONES, too


  • Combination of pomegranates, date fruits and stones contains antioxidants
  • They prevent atherosclerosis – arteries becoming hard and clogged with fat
  • Can reduce the hardening by 33% and reduce fat being deposited by 28%
  • Stones in the dates should be ‘ground up into a paste an eaten as well’ 

Half a glass of pomegranate juice and a handful of dates can improve heart health, a study found.

This combination of juice and fruit can protect against heart disease and stroke, researchers discovered.

Ideally the stones in the dates should be ground up into a paste and eaten as well, but even without them, the combination is still better than either fruit alone, they said. 

Pomegranates and dates contain antioxidants, which can reduce a process called atherosclerosis – where the arteries become hard and clogged up with fatty deposits known as plaques – by around a third.







If one of the plaques ruptures it can form a blood clot which can block the blood supply to the heart, triggering a heart attack.

It can also block the blood supply to the brain, triggering a stroke. Read full article…

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