The Secret of the Health is in the Peel

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Because food is treated with pesticides nowadays, it is advisable to remove the bark when consuming fruits or vegetables and continue to process and prepare the meal.

However, few of us know that the skin of fruits and vegetables contains much more vitamins than the pulp itself.

If we don’t use the peel a rich source of nutrients will be lost.

Furthermore, vegetables and fruits have a synergy when the skin is on. That means if the bark is removed, as well as the core and stem, the entire intensity of the action of the fruit will be lost.

Peel Or Not?

The usage of various pesticides and the awareness of their effects which are harmful have made peeling to be compulsory. Thus some things have changed.

The most harmful pesticides, like DDT, have been banned and people have begun producing their own vegetables and fruits without using pesticides.



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Do the following in case you are not sure if the food is treated or not with chemical substances.

Place the vegetables and fruits you have bought in a bowl. Put salted water above them. Leave them for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse them with water.

Now you can be pretty sure that the possible toxins have disappeared.

How To Consume The Skin

Chewing the skin of some kinds of vegetables and fruits is difficult.

However, kiwi fruit is consumed together with the coating in New Zealand?

Lots of people around the world eat bananas without removing the skin. You can just mix the fruit together with the skin and prepare a tasty smoothie or a glass of juice, if you find that difficult.


The skin of banana is abundant with serotonin. This substance is essential for balancing the mood and therefore it can alleviate depression.

The white inner part of the skin contains calcium, vitamin D and potassium and therefore it improves dental health.


Although the skin of a pineapple is very hard to consume still, more nutrients you obtain the closer you peel. Read full article …


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