Thinning Hair Women -Tips and Advice

Thinning Hair Women

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Apparently men have more hair problems than women, but this is not entirely true, many women due to the excessive use of irons, dryers hair, dyes, chemicals, tight braids and other causes, abuse and lose your hair, one of these consequences is Thinning Hair Women

Thinning Hair Women – Cause

The causes for hair loss or thinning hair women are diverse, from inadequate nutrition , up to genetic causes. Actually there are 30 factors that can lead to hair loss or thinning hair .

Thyroid Problems

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck secretes hormones that regulate hair growth cycle and when the balance of hormone production is not suitable problems stem hair loss, thinning hair women, obesity, altered rhythm heart or sensitivity to heat or cold.

Extreme stress

When a person faces intense  stress caused by serious illness, surgery, severe emotional disturbances etc. can cause hair loss and dull hair, weak and thin.

Alopecia areata

This is a cause that affects the immune system healthy hair follicles and causes hair loss in patches, which fortunately, in most cases are not permanent, the hair grows between 7-12 months.


This is a contagious disease that originates hair fall into patterns of round shape and should be treated as soon as possible with the use of antifungal medications to kill the fungi.

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Thinning Hair Women – Advice

The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has approved 2% Minoxidil solution for dealing with women with thinning hair or  hair loss caused by female pattern . Daily use of this product is moderately effective in 50% of women after 33 weeks of daily application. To build volume is applied to the root.

If thinning hair women is caused by alopecia areata , corticosteroids are applied to the scalp and if the problem is caused by poor nutrition, change to proper nutrition is the solution .

Other treatments may include laser treatments apparatus of 2-4 months, which emit low-intensity laser light to promote hair growth and gain volume .

If the problem is severe hair loss, women can also go to transplant hair in the affected areas, but this procedure is expensive and slightly painful.

Thinning Hair Women Tips

The stylist may recommend special products for fine hair, which contain keratin and are applied to the root of the hair and the dryer is gently used to create volume.

Repeated frequently dyes can weaken and damage your hair and cause thinning hair women, see the implementation of a permanent or semi-permanent color, but applied by a professional.

Avoid products containing paraffin volume, are harmful to your hair. In accredited salons they apply products, type mousse placed the root and are fixed with a spray.

The wavy or curly hair looks more voluminous and thick and can camouflage areas with thin hair.

Use the dryer temperature very low, intense heat can damage your hair or if it is possible to let your hair dry naturally or use a dry towel

There are natural solutions for thinning hair problems, you can try my easy and cheap homemade lotion, which dramatically stop hair loss in just two weeks. See photographs 4 years old and 4 years later. Visit my website for Thinning Hair Women

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