Weight Loss Products Can Cause Hair Loss

Hair Loss

By Luis Quiroz Ravines

Steroids and weight loss products can cause hair loss in both men and women, according to a study conducted by the world leader in hair transplant, Dr. Larry Shapiro.
Steroids are synthetic substances related to male sex hormones and are used widely to treat diseases due to abnormal production of testosterone, also used by patients with AIDS and other diseases to compensate  loss of muscle mass. Also used by athletes in gyms. These products are available legally only with a prescription. Abuse of steroids can cause irreversible health problems.

Due to the increase in overweight people around the globe, especially in highly industrialized countries, slimming products are consumed en masse, as they usually are purchased without a prescription.

Shapiro, who has done more than 11000 hair transplants in men and women, says that his clinical observation of so many years shows that the steroids and products for weight loss have a direct incidence on hair loss, especially in males.

Hair loss and Steroids

Shapiro states that men and women who take growth hormones and weight training products, visible hair loss experience and I must explain, when they enter my office, that hormones consuming to strengthen their muscles are actually causing hair loss . Popular Supplements that increase testosterone levels quickly, as creatine and anabolic steroids can cause hair loss

Hair loss and Weight loss Products

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Dr. Shapiro says that popular weight loss products usually change the metabolism of the thyroid can cause hair loss in those who consume them. Likewise, people who lose weight quickly by surgery or gastric bypass or gastric band has implanted, are safe candidates to lose hair.

Shapiro says that not all weight loss products are bad for your hair, apparently, only those containing whey protein isolates

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