Wnts Protein Solution to Baldness and Gray Hair?


By Luis Quiroz Ravines

Baldness and hair loss are constant concerns of men and women and scientists try to find the solution to this problem. This article is precisely about a new discovery to overcome hair loss and baldness.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania discovered how to generate new hair follicles in adult mammals and combat baldness. This finding could lead to finding a true cure for hair loss and baldness, especially in men.

The discovery could also be applied to wound healing and skin diseases.

Based on studies of the 50s, scientists led by dr. George Cotsarelis managed to revive the formation of follicles in mice from adult stem cells. Previous studies have been forgotten for lack of evidence, but new experiments carefully controlled by Dr. Cotsarelis and his colleagues hope to open a real solution to baldness, a problem that affects more than 600 million people worldwide.

Protein "Wnts" Solution for Baldness?

Apparently protein called "Wnts" is responsible for the biological mechanism which triggers the formation of follicles and other elements of the skin. Researchers found that by increasing the activity of the proteinWnts in mice, doubling the number of new follicles. This could be a revolutionary new hair loss treatment snd anew solution to baldness


Professor Desmond Tobin of the University of Bradford in the UK said that this discovery could have enormous importance in understanding the power of reprogramming of stem cells and regenerative medicine applications.

Protein "Wnts", Baldness and Gray Hairs

It is known that hair color is determined by a set of stem cells direct the development process of producing hair and hair color through called melanocytes. The joint work of these groups produce the pigment of the hair, but not known as carrying out this function together.

It has been discovered that the Wnt protein is responsible for coordinating the process, when there occurs a melanocyte channels. This discovery could have enormous impact in combating hair loss and gray hair.

Currently, treatments for hair loss and Baldness attempt to stimulate the growth of existing hair follicles instead of generating new. Furthermore dr. Said protein Cotsarelis Wnts could affect wound healing in order to allow the skin to heal faster and with less scarring.

Research by dr. Cotsarelis and his team will be exploited commercially by the company Follica, they have created for that purpose. The company has obtained a worldwide license from the University of Pennsylvania to develop the new technology and creat productros to combat hair loss and baldness and additionally products for treatment of acne, wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

New studies in animals, deal with trying to find the explanation to the migratory behaviour of some cells of the neural circuit that handle a common feature of the pigment of the skin, the bones of the face and the neural circuit of the digestive tract.

The Wnt protein is a network of proteins that were initially identified as a gene responsible for cancer of mama in mouse, and also responsible for the creation of patterns of embryonic development

In 1982, scientists Roeland Nusse and Harold Varmus, first find the Wnt protein in mice infected with mammary tumor..

Researchers are trying to understand why these genes produce such different results and what is its importance in the development of multicellular organisms and particularly its application process for controlling baldness

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