Would you drink coffee with BUTTER? Advocates claim it boosts energy levels, burns fat and boosts brain power

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  • New Bulletproof coffee widely available in the U.S. has come to the U.K.
  • Involves adding a dash of coconut oil and 2 tbsp of butter to organic coffee
  • Creator Dave Asprey claims it gives 6 hours of energy and burns fat all day
  • He also says it keeps people alert and ‘firing on all cylinders’
  • Critics say it is a marketing con underpinned by shaky science
  • Some nutritionists warn butter raises cholesterol and increases stroke risk
  • But others say ‘fuelling on fat is better than fuelling on carbohydrates’

A new craze has coffee drinkers blending two tablespoons of butter into their morning brew in the hope of boosting energy levels, losing weight and feeling mentally alert.

The fad has taken the U.S. by storm and is now gaining traction in the U.K, with big coffee shop chains adding their own versions of the buttery coffee to their menus.

Known as ‘fat black’ and ‘paleo coffee’, it was formulated by American health guru Dave Asprey who discovered yak butter tea while traversing the Tibetan mountains.

Adding two tablespoons of unsalted butter – made from grass-fed cows – and a dash of coconut oil to morning coffee can provide six hours of energy, burns fat and improves cognitive function, American health guru Dave Asprey claims

Writing on his website, Mr Asprey said: ‘I learned about the power of butter at 18,000 feet of elevation near Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

‘I staggered into a guest house from the -10 degree weather and was literally rejuvenated by a creamy cup of yak butter tea.’

Mr Asprey says the coffee will give you energy for ‘six hours if you need it’, programs the body to ‘burn fat for energy all day long’ and ‘improves cognitive function’.

The drink is made from a strict recipe of organic black coffee made from his trademark ‘low toxin beans’, which Mr Asprey claims are ‘cleaner’ than regular coffee. Read full article

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