10 golden rules for weight loss

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If 2012 is the year you plan to shed those extra kilos, then it’s time to take a look at the 10 golden rules for weight loss – 10 rules that mark the foundation of how you can lose weight the healthy way.

We’re not talking about crash diets or over-exercising, but we are talking about clever planning and understanding your body and mind. Let’s begin!

1: Be proactive about diet selection.
Nothing fades faster than a weight loss crash diet. Day one will see you fantasizing about fatty foods, and day two will have you queuing up at the nearest fried food joint. Being proactive about diet selection involves kowing how much food you need for your height, goal weight and daily needs. Secondly, it involves splitting up the day’s food intake into well timed and portion controlled meals. And finally, it involves selecting good foods based on your food preferences. You must ensure that you never starve and always have a healthy snack available.









2: Be proactive about workout selection.
A workout doesn’t just ‘happen’ to be good, it becomes good and effective when the person working out is actively involved with the trainer’s selection of exercises. Inputs like exercise preferences, specific goals, personal hurdle, etc, make a workout that much more effective. Read full article…


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