Alternative treatments for diabetes


It’s no news that Chennai is considered the diabetes capital of India. With the number of diabetics increasing every year, this condition has started affecting children as well. 







Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in the endocrine system. This dreadful disease is found in all parts of the world and is becoming a serious threat to mankind.

There are lots of chemical agents available to control and to treat diabetic patients, but total recovery from diabetes has not been reported till now. In addition to adverse effects, drug treatments are not always satisfactory in maintaining euglycemia and avoiding late stage diabetic complications. That is why, this World Diabetes Day, Chennai Times brings you a few alternative treatments for this disease…


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Natural remedies

“Several medicinal plants have been investigated for their beneficial effect in different type of diabetes,” says Dr Rajat K, who is currently studying different ways of treating the condition. Bitter gourd juice, fenugreek seeds, etc. have been knows to us for a long time. He adds, “As per ancient literature, more than 800 plants are reported to have anti-diabetic properties.” Read full article…

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