As I Am Hair Products – What should I use?

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

In the United States live 42 million people identified as black american, of which almost half are women, constitute 13.6% of the American population and only between 2000 and 2010 grew in a 15.4%. One of the concerns of African American women is their hair, because it presents particular characteristics, for example, grows more slowly, contains less water and break more easily than the Caucasian hair. Curly hair curves make it difficult for hydration and the flow of natural oils for the hair shaft and it loses elasticity and is naturally drier.

To solve these problems was born in 2010 as i am hair products, after having explored the needs of this particular group, by formulating a series of products specially for afro descendants, people with hair strongly curled and enrolled

As I Am Hair Products – History

A chemist, Dr. Ali N. Syed, an expert in hair care, noted that women’s curly hair were looking for special products for this hair type because the existing ones were not appropriate. Dr. Syed, talked with many women with curly hair and that wished to maintain the natural texture of your hair. He understood what they wanted and needed and decided to formulate products free of silicones, mineral oils and sulfates and rather use organic ingredients and above all “certified organic” that do not adversely affect the hair in any way. He formed a team of more than a dozen outstanding chemical professionals, some with Ph.D, he summoned ten stylists and numerous people “testers” of the products that were creating.

The first tests made them among their own employees and the responses were satisfactory. Thus was born as i am hair products initially with a line of eleven products designed especially for strongly curled and coiled hair. The philosophy of Dr. Syed is to provide education, excellent service and the best products to each of its customers.


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As I Am Hair Products-Tips

Keep your hair hydrated, wash once a week, and after the  conditioner seal moisture with castor oil. Apply oil while the hair is damp. Long periods without shampoo increases the possibility of entanglements.

Comb all of the hair in the same direction after unraveling, comb back.

Avoid use of sulfate, mineral oil or petroleum

These products make it easy the hair breakage, read labels and do not use products with these components, can be used as i am hair products which is free of these elements. The final rinse you can use Apple Cider vinegar that polishes, relaxes and softens hair.

To untangle begin at the ends that are weaker, with cleaning even in your hair begins to untangle by adding more water if necessary; use care with very flexible bristle brush or wide-tooth comb. Comb section-by-section from root to tip and finally rinsing.

Apply conditioner generously and evenly distribute it throughout the hair. Separate your hair into large sections and gently Peel

Use only natural organic products, can use coconut and Castor oils, and clarify with Sorrel or mint tea, but for added security buy shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing, oils etc guaranteed type as i am hair products

Prices – As I Am Hair Products

Prices differ provider, the town and even the country. The following list of prices as i am hair products are the manufacturer and below we will include a link so you can find the provider as i am hair products nearest to your location.

-Curl Clarity ® Shampoo

Size: 8 fl.oz./237 ml Price: $12.00

-Coconut CoWash

Size: 16 oz. / 454 g Price: $8.00

-Leave-In Conditioner

Size: 8 fl.oz./237 ml Price: $10.50

-Hydration Elation ®

Size: 8 oz. / 227 g Price: $16.00

-Curling Jelly

SISE 8 oz. Price $13.00

Defining Cream twist

Size 8 0z. Price $13.00

-Smoothing Gel

Size: 8 oz. / 227 g Price: $8.00

-Moisture Milk

Size: 8 fl.oz./237 ml Price: $16.00

-CocoShea Spray

Size: 4 fl.oz./237 ml Price: $15.0

-DoubleButter ® Cream

Size 8 oz Price $15.50

-Coils & Curls Care Package

Size: 6 three-oz tubes Price: $23.99

Where To Buy As I Am Hair Products?

If you want to buy as i am hair products you can do directly from distributors or manufacturers ‘ own stores distributed throughout the United States. With the following link you can locate the nearest dealer in your area. Go to:

You can also buy the entire line as i am hair products from

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