Baldness New Discovery For a Definitive Solution

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Hair loss and baldness, are problems that afflict humanity since time immemorial and a permanent solution is persistently sought and it seems that this has come.

English scientists have for the first time, “clone” i.e. to replicate hair cells containing the genetic pattern or “instruction book” for growth again.

This discovery could revolutionize treatments for hair loss and baldness, every time that the new treatment can be more effective and cheaper than hitherto known treatments.

Baldness , how the new treatment works ?

With this discovery, baldness could be just a bad memory. How does it work? small strips of hair from the nape of the neck are removed, extracted papillary cells, which contain instructions for growing new hair and are replicated thousands of copies in the laboratory and injected the patient in sparsely populated areas, these stem cells, containing groups of cells able to grow new hair.

Breakthrough to deal with baldness

Scientists from the universities of Columbia in United States and Durham in the United Kingdom are the discoverers of this new treatment that would bring relief to millions of men and women around the world suffering from baldness and hair loss. Although work is at an early stage, the preliminary results are a real hope to overcome hair loss and baldness

Baldness and current options

Drugs and hair transplantation are alternatives to combat baldness. Only minoxidil and finasteride has been approved by the FDA and although there are similar products, these medications can have side effects and their effects are limited, and transplants them hair only distributed the existing hair, in addition not all patients are eligible for hair transplant, so the new option seems to be the solution most appropriate.

Baldness can be overcome

The first experiments for this new technique were done in mice and then tested with 7 human donors. The scientists took locks of human hair and extracted dermal papillae, which are tiny cells that contain “the book of instructions” for growing new hair. Similar experiments were already made in the past but failed to grow new hair. But the researchers from England and the United States had more success because they attained growth again hair. In the laboratory, scientists made thousands of copies of “stem cells” and injected them into sparsely populated areas of the patients with baldness and new hair began to sprout.

Baldness in women

The new treatment could be a boon for millions of women suffering from incipient or advanced baldness. The loss of hair in women is a devastating condition that often has deep psychological and social consequences. In the UK alone there are more than 8 million women with hair loss or baldness in some degree. Cell cloning can be the solution to this problem as old as humanity.

How much would it cost to overcome baldness?

Still can not speak of prices, but it is estimated that cell cloning could be cheaper than a hair transplant. Currently in the United Kingdom a hair transplant surgery can cost up to 30,000 pounds, while the average varies between 6,000 and 10,000 pounds.

Dr. Durhan said that it is still early to know if the new discovery will be the ultimate solution to baldness and hair loss, because researchers still have to overcome many obstacles. For example, the first new hairs are white, although he says in the future will be able to induce growth back hair of any color.

Dr. David Fenton of the British Association of dermatologists said, it’s an important job and pioneer, but take it to practice in mass forma, is still far away.

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