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Hair loss is a growing problem among both men and women. We can blame the pollution or water or our eating habits for our hair fall. Senior Consultant in Dermatology, Dr. Nipun Jain from Delhi’s Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute shares some homemade recipes to stop hair fall and improve hair growth.

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Dr. Nipun Jain says, “Hair loss can be due to a number of factors – genetic, disease, stress levels etc. Luckily, there are simple homemade remedies to deal with it. Using an all natural, homemade hair mask will solve your hair fall problems.” There are various factors that affect our hair and using natural products will ensure less damage to the hair.

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 Hair masks recipes to try for hair loss:

Green tea-egg yolk mask:

“This is a green tea-egg yolk mask. Take one egg yolk and two tablespoons of freshly prepared, strong green tea and mix until you get a frothy, creamy consistency. Apply it on your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash with shampoo and condition your hair after.”
Vitamin E enriched hair oil mask:
“In a glass bottle, mix coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, lavender oil and into that mix the contents of three vitamin E capsules. Mix it properly and massage this on to your scalp. Leave it overnight and shampoo your hair the next morning. This treatment must be repeated every alternate day for the best results.”

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