Does Stress Cause Hair Loss? Discover the Answer

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss? We will try to respond to this question and other related topics. In 1936, Hans Selye used the term ‘stress’ for the first time and defined it as “the nonspecific response of the body to any demand for change” and really all we ask if we can cope with the pressures of life. And who has not suffered or stressed? And stress-free life would probably useless and empty and without motivation. The problem is when pressures crushed us, sometimes beyond our strength and our mental and physical health is affected and to defend itself from attacks by stress responds in different ways, for example, our breathing is faster, increases our blood pressure and heart rate, the muscles tighten and we are restless and we cannot rest. With stress, there are physical effects on the body and one of them is the loss of hair in men as in women.

What are the causes of stress?

The causes are multiple because all we react different, even to the same situation. Sometimes just thinking about small things, they accumulated produces stress. In general anxiety, frustration, and depression can cause stress.

Of the most common causes point out the following :


-financial problems

-family matters

-employment problems

-abortion women

-death of a relative

-job loss

-uncertainty about employment results, academics

-retirement, etc. etc.


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Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

There are two types of stress: healthy and harmful. The first stimulates hormones that generate energy and greater resistance. In order to face a challenge or problem, these hormones prepare the body, tense muscles, speeding up the heart rate and improving concentration levels.

Instead in negative stress tension and constant pressures of life are so large that the body does not reach to recover; the adrenal glands are weakened and health deteriorates deeply causing ailments and diseases, including hair loss.

Numerous studies indicate that in the resting or hair telogen phase, if the body is subjected to intense stress, or a strong and sudden, shock in just two months the hair can fall by 70%. So the question, does stress cause hair loss?, the answer is Yes, sometimes.

If Does Stress Causes Hair Loss What Is The Cure?

According to Dr. Berger, supplying adequate doses of DHEA and cortisol an individual can reduce your stress levels and again back to normal live because his adrenal glands will work better and independently.

In general there are 3 methods including self-help, self-management and medications for combat stress.

As elements of self-help are considered exercises, the suppression of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and a diet balanced with fruits and vegetables. It also helps practices of yoga, breathing, meditation, relaxation.

If your stress is very intense seek professional help from a doctor or a psychologist. Probably he does not prescribed  medication to treat your stress unless he discover a depression or compulsive anxiety. In these cases the doctor may prescribe an antidepressant. If stress causes a psychiatric problem such as anxiety disorders, your doctor may prescribe serotonin very useful in these cases.

Parallel to your handling of stress to prevent hair loss, you can apply daily a natural lotion which stops hair loss quickly. More information HERE.

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