Eyebrow Implants Things You Should Know

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Unlike the baldness, the eyebrows provide a framework in the eyes and constitute the most central position of the face, if the hair of the eyebrows, is lost which is not a natural process or an acceptable situation cosmetically, significantly affects to the person. However, eyebrows are lost for various reasons, from genetics to accidents, infections, Burns, systemic diseases, etc. Eyebrows is universally considered as the determining physical characteristic for the symmetry of facial beauty and when eyebrows are lost go to eyebrow Implants.

In recent times, eyebrow implants have grown enormously by a requirement of fashion and to restore harmony and beauty in the face. The first implants were made by the Dr. Antonio Armani in 1999 and in his Hollywood office, the Brooke Shields, eyebrows type were major.


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What Are Eyebrow Implants?

Eyebrow transplants or eyebrow implants are options available for people who for some reason have lost permanently their eyebrows or wish to achieve an aesthetic improvement.

The restoration of the eyebrows is similar to other transplant procedures performed on the scalp, but eyebrows have their own attributes and characteristics, by which eyebrow implants differ from hair transplants in different ways.

The most important thing in the eyebrow implants is follow very carefully the natural direction of the hair which involves subtly changing angles. It is very important the use of very fine needles to ensure the hair over the eyebrows flat position. Individual hair follicles are taken and are implanted in the previously determined receptor areas and hair must follow the natural curve of the eyebrow which requires skill and experience on the part of the surgeon. Since it uses natural hair, usually from behind the ears, eyebrow transplants are virtually undetectable.

Risks of Eyebrow Implants

Complications and side effects in eyebrow Implants are very rare, however irritation, itching, infections can occur, and above all, in some cases, the transplanted hair does not coincide with eyebrows causing an abnormal appearance. The physician frequently prescribes wax or gels to help hair to conform to a certain position. Approximately 15% hair does not grow in a way that were implanted, and it is necessary to make corrections and adjustments.

A dermatologist who has made over 400 implants ensures that the risks and complications are very low, but by caution is sometimes prescribed antibiotics to prevent infections.

Eyebrow Implants Costs

Eyebrow Implants cost depend on several factors, goals of the patient, the surgeon prestige, amount of hair to transplant, type of clinic etc. On average an eyebrow implant costs about $4,000, which is a high cost compared to the cost of using eyebrow pencils or tattoos that offer results anti aesthetic and unnatural. For many people the enormous effect on your self esteem to look beautiful and natural eyebrows, this high cost is well worth it.

Dr, Bernstein, prestigious dermatologist of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York, charges $185.00 for the consultation, which includes a thorough assessment of the eyebrows of the patient and the treatment recommendation to follow.

Typically his eyebrow implants, cost: $5,500 if he uses FUT and $6,500 if he uses Robotic FUE

In other clinics ranges range from $4,000 to $8,000 and the final cost is determined by the number of follicles to transplant; While more follicles smaller is the cost.

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