Fit middle-aged men ‘at lower risk for some cancers’


Very fit men in their late 40s are less likely to get lung cancer and colorectal cancer than unfit men, a study in JAMA Oncology suggests.

Their high fitness levels also appear to increase their chances of surviving cancer if they are diagnosed later on.

University of Vermont researchers said even small improvements in fitness could help to reduce cancer risk.






Cancer Research UK said investigating links between men’s fitness levels and cancer risk was a new approach.

Your health behaviours and your fitness earlier in life has an impact 20 or 30 years later – and that’s what people don’t realise.Dr Susan Lakoski, University of Vermont

Being physically active and eating a healthy, balanced diet are already known to be important factors in reducing people’s risk of developing cancer and other diseases.

But study author Dr Susan Lakoski said it would be more beneficial to tell people how much they needed to improve their fitness in order to reduce their risk of cancer to acceptable levels.

This could come in the form of a personalised plan, which should start with measuring their cardio-respiratory fitness. Read full article…

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