From the man who invented the revolutionary Fast Diet: The 2-minute-a-week home workout… and, yes it WILL get you fit


  • High Intensity Training can give you same benefits as traditional approach
  • Two minutes of intense exercise a day can make a significant difference 
  • Benefits include improved aerobic fitness, endurance and reduced body fat
  • ·         This forms the basis of what Dr Michael Mosley has called Fast Exercise

There is a belief that the more time you spend exercising, the better. Not so.

High Intensity Training (HIT) has caused a stir because studies done over the past decade have shown that as little as two minutes of intense exercise a day can make a significant difference.

You can get many of the same benefits from short bursts of intense effort as you can from following the more traditional approach – or perhaps even more.

This forms the basis of what we’ve called Fast Exercise. The benefits include improved aerobic fitness and endurance, reduced body fat and increased strength.

While this mode of high-octane exercise conjures up images of a fast-paced gym environment, that couldn’t be further from the truth. HIT can be performed at home with a minimal amount of equipment.

Here’s why this scientifically proven regime will transform your body and health…


In an Australian study, one group of women was asked to do three 40-minute sessions of moderate-intensity cycling a week, while another did three 20-minute higher-intensity sessions. Only the latter group lost weight, while those who did moderate sessions put on weight and became slightly fatter, despite spending twice as long on bikes. When you push the intensity of a workout, you build more metabolically active muscle, and because muscle is efficient at burning fat, your total calorie expenditure soars.

HIT also makes the heart muscle bigger and more efficient. This is important because one of the main fears about doing HIT is that it could trigger a heart attack. Read full article…

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