Hair Fall Solutions That Works

By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

For a man or a woman who observed fall their hair before your eyes, especially if they are young or relatively young, there is nothing worse than deal with this problem and not be able to resolve it. Unfortunately there is no miracle pills that return hair from night to morning, but there are alternatives that can help. Hoping to enjoy a stronger and healthier hair you will look as soon as possible hair fall solutions

Causes for hair loss are numerous, for example the age, as advancing age the hair follicles are weaker and tend to break. A common cause is the hereditary, almost 95% of hair loss comes from a genetic cause. Also influence stress, certain diseases and the mistreatment of the hair with hot appliances or chemicals application.

Hair Fall Solutions for Men

There are only two medications approved by the FDA to treat hair loss by trying to reduce the thinning hair and at the same time increasing the coverage of the scalp; It could be said that they are the front-line as hair fall solutions products for men but there are also other alternatives too.


It is marketed under the name “Propecia” and is an inhibitor of conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, main cause of hair loss in men. Finasteride control the sensitivity of the scalp and reduces the effects of pain, tingling and itching when it comes to genetic origin or male pattern hair loss. Treatment with finasteride should be complemented by the use of a good anti hair fall shampoo like Nizoral shampoo  that eliminates dandruff and attacks the hormonal causes associated with inflammation and hair loss. Can be used two or three times a week.


Minoxidil is marketed under the name of “Rogaine” and stimulates hair follicles. The drug is sold without a prescription and is a vasodilator that promotes hair growth and in many cases slows its fall. Used for the treatment of hereditary alopecia in men as in women.

None of these medications will return your hair to 100% and the efficiency will depend on the response of each individual, the cause and the extent of hair loss. The results will be better if they apply early, within the first 4 years.

It is necessary to warn that the effects will be observed after a few months and the application, both finasteride and minoxidil must be permanent or hair will once again fall to similar levels when it began treatment, i.e. are drugs to use life.

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Hair Fall Solutions

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More Hair Fall Solutions

There are other products, including the naturals that can help to improve the results of the first two. For example anti inflammatory as Nizoral shampoo which must accompany any treatment. Blocking DHT like Revivogen or Propecia. Promoters of growth of hair like Rogaine, Folligen, Tricomin, Crinagen. The anti androgens are also useful such as spironolactone preventing DHT from reaching the follicle to delay or stop the hormonal process.

Hair Fall Solutions for women

Treatments for hair loss in women can be effective if they are initiated as soon as possible and are accompanied by levels of vitamins and minerals.

The FDA has only approved a drug to combat the loss of hair in women.

Minoxidil 2%

Minoxidil was initially used to treat high pressure, but it was found that as a side effect it stimulated hair growth. The effectiveness of minoxidil will vary from woman to woman, but many women have obtained positive results.

Additionally, it is necessary to the daily consumption of minerals and multivitamins such as the following:

Beta-carotene, 25,000 units daily

Vitamin C. 1,000 mg two times a day.

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg of most of the B vitamins

Vitamin E. 400 units day more 100 micrograms of selenium

Silica 250 mg two times a day

Zinc 50 milligrams per day and 2 milligrams of copper.

Complex amino acids 2 grams day

Hair Fall Solutions – Hair transplant

One of the best Hair Fall Solutions, is hair transplantation as a final solution to the hair loss, especially in men. Although not all males are candidates for a transplant surgery, the dermatologist will resolve the doubt.

A hair transplant can cost between 2,500 and 25,000 or more depending on the surgeon, the clinic and the amount of hair transplant

There are some risks in transplantation surgeries such as light bleeding, minor infections and sometimes appearance there is something anti aesthetic. It is important to locate a competent surgeon with proven experience so that you achieve a long-lasting and satisfactory result.

Natural Hair Fall Solutions

Also there are natural Hair Fall Solutions that can help men and women prevent, stop and still grow hair without harmful side effects.

Some natural remedies classical as natural treatment for hair loss are:

Aloe vera

Applied to the scalp twice a week, aloe vera gel can prevent hair loss, reduce irritation and balance the PH of the scalp. Aloe vera juice can stop hair loss.

Coconut milk

Grinding and extract the coconut juice and apply with gentle massage to the scalp. Coconut milk is a rich source of nutrients and can help in the treatment of hair loss.

Massage with oil

Regular daily massage with coconut oil or other oil such as jojoba, mustard, lavender, almond, etc, directly to the scalp, improves the stimulation of blood flow and increases the natural oils from the scalp at the same time controls dandruff


Boil dry amla in coconut oil and allow the oil to darken. Effective for controlling hair fall


The Greeks used Rosemary to remove the evil spirits and the Egyptians to fight bubonic plague. In America the North American tribes used them to avoid falling hair.

Currently many recipes for hair care includes Rosemary because it communicates softness and shine to the hair. This aromatic plant is very rich in vitamin C, A, B and iron

Mix honey, olive oil and cinnamon and apply to the scalp, help to stop hair loss.

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