How to lose the right weight, the right way

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Training the right way and eating the right food are key to lose weight. 

If you are one of those who go to the gym, but still can’t shed that tummy flab, then you might be doing it wrong. Experts give us their advice on weight loss and the right way to go about the entire regime…


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Desirable weight 
Trainer Wanitha Ashok says, “Putting on weight is not confined to ‘fat’ alone. Desirable weight gain is the gain of muscle mass and bone density, which is good weight to put on and, therefore, called desirable. Men focus more on their upper body (chest region) and don’t give too much importance to their lower body, especially if they have thin legs. This tends to give their body an uneven structure, which does not help to maintain the weight balance.”







Cardio exercises
Cardio workouts are tiring, and makes us feel like we’ve probably lost a good amount of calories. But that might not always be the case. “Cardio junkies, mostly women, avoid weight training and only stick to cardio. On the other hand, cutting down on cardio and only working on weight training, which most men do, is equally harmful since cardio training concentrates on the heart and requires two-three sessions. Read full article…

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