New research claims you can beat hair loss by eating your own hair!.

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Hair loss is a constant worry that bothers several around the world. Though there are various methods to combat this problem such ashair transplant, PRP therapy, etc., a new research is on the cards that will make it more manageable and low-cost than ever. According to lead researcher Dr Kim North from the University of Plightville, USA, ‘Human hair has the ability to regrow even after it detaches from the scalp. Keeping this in mind and after working on it for 11 years, we have found a way to reuse one’s own hair to have a head full of hair once again.’







In this study, researchers tried feeding mice their own hair once it fell off from the scalp and the results they found were astounding. ‘The mice that were fed their own hair showed remarkable results within a few weeks. They had hair growth like before with lesser hair fall. On the other hand, mice that were not fed any hair or someone else’s hair did not show any change in their hair growth pattern,’ said Dr North.

 How does it work?

Human hair is made up of a protein called keratin. When the hair becomes weak, it tends to loosen from the follicle and fall off. This happens due to several reasons such as stress, lifestyle choices and even a poor diet. But by eating the hair, you can help your hair regrow and since it is not something artificial, it will be accepted by your body easily. Read full article…

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