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It is estimated that over 87 million people in the United States are affected by some degree of hair loss, especially after age 35. And each year is spent above 1 billion in different treatments, shampoos, lotions, transplants etc. One of those products is Provillus, and in this regard there are thousands of Provillus Reviews.

According to NBC, 40% of males observed fall of hair from age 35 and 60 more than 60% of men suffer from some type of alopecia.

As we know the causes are multiple and range from poor diet to hereditary hair loss cause.

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Provillus Reviews – what is Provillus?

One of the main causes of male pattern hair loss is the production of the hormone DHT or dihydrotestosterone and Provillus is a natural compound that is to reverse hair loss by blocking the production of DHT around follicles.

Fall hair growth occurs in cycles and the dihydrotestosterone inhibits the growth cycle resulting in hair loss and eventually baldness. Inhibit DHT production is one of the main objectives of most products that combat hair loss and this is also the purpose of Provillus. Traditionally Saw Palmetto and nettle has been used to block DHT and these are two of the main ingredients of Provillus.

Provillus Reviews sincere or interested?

Provillus is a popular product, and there are thousands of Provillus Reviews on the web. But these reviews are impartial or they are interested? Honestly there are many Provillus Reviews independent, valid and real, but there is also and most are Provillus Reviews interested affiliate that finally go looking for a commission or profit indirectly promoting Provillus.

Provillus Pros

Here is a brief summary of the Pros of Provillus and highlighted in different Provillus Reviews

– improves scalp circulation

– thickens hair and promotes growth

– the result is observed in a short time

– can be used by men and women

– contain 5% Minoxidil, which has proven to stop hair loss and stimulate growth

– is easily acquired without a prescription

– it can be used in parallel with other products

– there are many testimonials that the product works

Provillus Cons

Some Provillus Reviews indicate these cons

-Some people can increase the heart rate especially if they are taking medications for high blood pressure

-It may cause nausea or stomach pain

-It can cause dehydration if you are allergic to Saw Palmetto

-You must take it for a long time

Provillus components

Some Provillus Reviews reveal the following components of Provillus



-Vitamin B-6

-Saw Palmetto


-Eleuthero Root

-Muira Puama


-Uva – Ursi



-Proprietary blend

Provillus cost


The official site of Provillus offers treatment to men for 6 months: $149.85 + shipping

For women, at Amazon, a kit of a bottle of provillus capsules + a bottle of Provillus Serum with Minoxidil $69.95

An option that won’t find in Provillus Reviews, but highly effective to stop hair fall in about two weeks, is my Hair Loss Natural Solution Formula that you can prepare at home. Visit:

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