Strength vs. endurance: Does exercise type matter in the fight against obesity?


Medical experts widely recommended a combined program of diet and fitness to fight obesity. But when it comes to the type of exercise most effective a reducing weight and body mass — strength training, endurance exercise or a combination of both — opinions vary widely on which exercise regimen is best. Now, a new clinical study by a team of Spanish researchers working as part of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs for Obesity Treatment project suggests that the type of exercise may be less important than previously thought.






Researchers from the Technical University of Madrid and La Paz University Hospital set out to measure whether the type of exercise — endurance training, strength training, strength plus endurance training or simply following government recommendations for weekly activity goals — combined with diet made a significant difference on body weight and body composition. Their article “Change in weight and body composition in obese subjects following a hypocaloric diet plus different training programs or physical activity recommendations” is published in the Journal of Applied Physiology

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