The new green juice? Healthy tipples packed with spirulina, spinach and COLLAGEN claim to boost your health and beat your wrinkles in one hit.


  • Beauty & Go is a range of drinks that are packed with bioactives
  • Claim to protect cells against oxidative stress and boost firmness 
  • Models sipped on it backstage at London Fashion Week   From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s beloved green juice to Miranda Kerr’s favourite Noni juice, the two models are walking adverts for the power of vitamins and super fruits. 

When the A-listers came out in support of clean juices, the world converted to all things green quicker than you could say kale. 

And now, a new beauty drink that claims to boost your health and your beauty regime in one hit is set to take the health world by storm (and the models backstage at fashion week have already jumped on the bandwagon).


Beauty & Go is a range of drinks packed with bioactives – biologically active substances that have a positive effect in your body and skin.

The drinks, which are gluten-free, claim to be filled with a selection of bioactive ingredients aimed at keeping your skin healthy and glowing.
The ingredients, which are called Macro-Antioxidants and occur naturally in the skin of fruits such as olives and pomegranates, aim to protect cells against free radicals (the main cause of ageing), as well as stimulate skin regeneration and boost skin’s firmness and elasticity. Read full article…

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