Top Foods For A Healthy Hair

A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables with the continued inclusion of the following foods will keep your hair shiny, healthy and with less risk of abusing and fail.

SPINACH . Consume plenty spinach in salads to ensure ingestion of iron and folic acid necessary to construct blood red cells that provide oxygen to the hair follicles .

Folic acid induces hair growth and promotes healthy appearance

EGGS . Eggs are essential for beautiful, healthy hair,  provide the highest quality of proteins.  Eggs are very rich in biotin, a vitamin B complex essential for hair growth .

To stimulate hair growth, you can prepare a homemade mask of egg and olive oil. Mix 4 tablespoons of olive oil with two egg whites, make a paste and apply to the scalp for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Other biotin -rich foods include avocados, almonds, peanuts, low-fat cheese

LENTILS. They are rich in iron and protein which stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair follicle. It can be accompanied with tofu to increase protein

SWEET POTATOES. Are abundant sources of beta-carotene that the body converts into vitamin A and vitamin A gives strength and shine to hair. Other foods rich in beta-carotene are carrots, pumpkin, dark green lettuce, asparagus

PEPPERS. If they are colorful best. Green, red, yellow, are an important source of vitamin C essential for healthy hair . Vitamin C ensures that the hair follicles obtain necessary oxygen and promotes the development of collagen, a necessary fiber for good health and appearance of the hair. Lack of vitamin C causes dry, brittle hair and withered

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