Want to know the best way to stave off grey hairs, clear dandruff and get rid of split ends? Eat walnuts, quinoa and peppers!.

Via dailymail.co.uk-  BETH GIBBONS

  • We will all do everything we can to avoid a bad hair day
  • The average woman will spend £28,520 on hair products in her lifetime
  • But is there a much easier (and cheaper) way to solve these problems?  As women, we’ll do anything to avoid a bad hair day. It’s predicted the average woman will spend £28,520 on hair products in her lifetime. But is it money down the drain?

 ‘No amount of pricey shampoos can compensate for an unbalanced diet,’ says Harley Street trichologist Sara Allison. ‘Many of my clients with thinning hair or problem scalps are deficient in key vitamins and minerals. The first thing I do is ask about their eating habits and take blood samples.










Dr Jan Wadstein, one of the experts behind the National Hair Aware Campaign, says: ‘Hair requires a regular supply of protein, glucose, vitamins and minerals for health and growth. It’s usually the first place to suffer if there’s a deficiency.’ In other words, thinning, split ends, dullness and dandruff could all be signs your diet is lacking in key nutrients. Rather than stockpile conditioner, pile your plate with these follicle-friendly superfoods
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