Why you should try body-weight exercises

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Vibram running, Kangoo jump workouts, slide boards, six-minute abs, shake weights, the ThighMaster . . . fitness trends and gadgets come and go. But one type of exercise has stood the test of time: body-weight training.

“There are so many fads and buzzwords out there, but body-weight exercise is the foundation for everything,” says Elizabeth Brooks, a local personal trainer and owner of Effervescence Body by Brooks. “Pushing and pulling movements and lunging and squatting all translate into functional, day-to-day movement. If you can do a squat, you can get out of a car.”






So what exactly does body-weight exercise mean?

“Body-weight exercises are exercises performed without external resistance and loading of the body,” says Mike Fantigrassi, master instructor at theNational Academy of Sports Medicine. “No resistance bands or weights.”

Some exercises involve minimal equipment such as TRX suspension bandsfor pull-ups and Bosu balls for balance. But for the most part, says Fantigrassi, “you can do them anywhere.”

Another plus, he says, is that they “tend to teach an integrated approach to exercise.” In other words, rather than isolating a certain muscle or muscle group, body-weight exercises tend to involve many parts of the body at once. For example, a push-up works the chest, shoulders, arms and abdominals. Read full article…

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